Good bye, halcyon days...

Bye-bye, Google Drive

Bye-bye, Google Drive

Reason for opting out of google drive service

So far, I've backed up many family photos using Google Drive. It was a good experience with the cloud system. I do not have to worry about losing or corrupt my data. Unfortunately, there were occasions when data was lost due to usage problems when Google Drive synced across multiple computers. Of course, I can lose data in the wrong way, but I do not think it's good to have to learn simple rules. I just need to encourage users to use it in the right way naturally to avoid mistakes. I moved to another cloud service with described reason.


The uncomfortable

  • when it needs to download many files at once
    User can download many files at once with many files selected or folder selection. Maybe it will be compressed before it downloaded if the data size is over than 2GB. The point is 2 files will be generated as a compressed result if data size over than 4GB. The total size will be divided into 2GB units. This feature will be helpful to the legacy system what is not able to handle big size over than 2GB. But in my case, it is not good. Replace will be occurred if you try to merge some folders same names in Mac OS X. In windows system, it will be merged. Of course, in the recent Mac OS X system, the system asks user selection ' merge or replace ', but it needs user selection. Most unarchiving programs for Mac OS X, create different folders by suffixing them to prevent conflicts when you uncompress multiple compressed files with the same folder name at the top into compressed files. Eventually, the user must go through the process of merging the decompressed data.

  • When using local sync and delete some files or folders.
    It's an old experience and I do not know how it works currently. You are about to delete some data that is being synced. This is because there is not enough space on the disk drive. In this case, exactly what I want is 1) the file is kept in the cloud system, and 2) the file should only be deleted from my laptop. Google Drive did not ask you anything when you tried to delete the file, and it has been removed from both places.

  • When using local sync and creating an empty folder
    It's an old experience and I do not know how it works currently. 'B' folder under 'A' folder has existed on the cloud system. 'B' folder was not fully synchronized, but I could not catch that. I created 'B' folder under synced 'A' folder on my laptop. After some times was passed, I lost my files and folders under 'B' folder on my cloud system.

Well, I understand why the two events had occurred, but if I knew sync status exactly, it probably would not happen. Yes, it is 'if'. I was ignorant and I did not have a good understanding of the synchronization system. However, I think that if I had a kind guide, I would have been able to prevent it. Since these two events, I have not used Local sync of Google Drive.

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